Hi! I'm Dave.
I build things.

I've been doing it a while now. I've founded companies, raised funding, built products, hired teams and written open source projects. I've done all of these things both for myself, and for my clients.

My superpower is building high quality MVPs quicker than you'd believe possible.

Clients also call on me to crash through hard problems they're facing. Scalability challenges, new service integrations, that kind of thing.

I love working in Go, but I've also done a lot of nodeJS. I've done a lot of React and Elm, but you'd be amazed how slick I can make plain 'ol HTML with a sprinkling of modern JavaScript. I've spent a lot of time with Google Cloud and AWS wringing high scalability infrastructure out of small budgets.

I'm based in Sydney, but I was working remotely way before it was cool. I even built my own studio office in my garden back in 2015.

I'm not cheap, but I'm great value. Leverage my experience to get it right the first time, saving time and money.

Case Studies

18 month engagement from 2018

I was first approached by the CSIRO Data 61 team to help out with their Kubernetes infrastructure. Once I got that humming, we expanded my engagement into transforming their data engineering pipeline. Over the course of the project I worked with both the CSIRO and PwC teams, and the resulting company that spun out to be PaidRight.

One of the things I did there was transform a pipeline that took over 24 hours to run into one that took 20 minutes over the same dataset. This was a game changer in allowing the team to iterate faster. I worked closely with the delivery team to better understand their needs and dealt directly with PaidRight's clients throughout their projects.

I hired and trained a data engineering team to take over from me and run the function long term. One public outcome of this work was the landmark finding of a $390 million dollar underpayment of Woolworths salaried staff.

Since 2017

notbad.software is my product company. It currently has three products in the market.

Clubman enables ski clubs to manage payments, lodge bookings and all aspects of membership. It uses a fully configurable rules engine to allow club administrators to define their club's unique booking rules via a no-code regtech model. These rules then act on every incoming booking. At peak times the platform handles hundreds of bookings per second. To date, Clubman has processed over $5M in payments and has over 13,000 users.

Takehome administers coding challenges to candidates for technical roles. I built it to be a more humane option than the other products in this market. It's important to me that candidates are able to compete on a level playing field, and that candidates from under-represented backgrounds are not structurally disadvantaged by the interview process. Takehome has clients from all over the world and has facilitated thousands of candidate challenges for companies like Unity 3D, Compare the Market and Code for Australia.

Surevote is a secure digital platform to run preferential elections. It is used by brigades in the NSW Rural Fire Service to elect members to frontline operational positions.


I assisted the Qantas engineering division in setting up a high performance development pipeline mated to their custom Qantas Cloud Platform. This toolchain is being used to build the next generation of apps and utilities used by aircraft engineers on the ground.

This devops and workflow engagement involved mapping stakeholders within the company, understanding their custom solution, then implementing a workflow that met all needs. The result is a high productivity CI/CD environment that operates within the Qantas framework.

I have also built high-security encrypted communications wrappers to legacy platforms for the Qantas Frequent Flyer business. These services provided a secure, RESTful gateway to the tab delimited and fixed-width protocols used by the points servers.

Multi-year engagement from 2015 and ongoing

Ordermentum sits at the nexus of fintech and supply chain management. I worked with Adam Theobald (co-founder of Beat the Q, now Hey You) to take Ordermentum from prototype to full-scale production. We helped the company to grow aggressively and rapidly build out new features in order to win key clients.

We then assisted Ordermentum in making their first technical hires, training the new staff on our site and onboarding them into the codebase. We successfully handed over development of the product to this new team and the company is going from strength to strength.

Macmillan Educational Publishing
Circa 2014

I Can Speak Languages was a multi-platform educational application that won an Australian Publishing Association Award for Outstanding Digital Resource in 2014. It integrated student learning apps on iOS, MacOS and Windows with a teacher administration backend.

Delivering the service across so many platforms within budget required some very creative engineering. I re-wrote the native iOS application into a platform-agnostic Cordova application to allow for maximum code re-use. We then aggressively performance-engineered the application to ensure the experience was seamless for students.


Prismatik is a high performance software consultancy I joined as a co-founder in 2014. I served as CTO, growing the engineering team to 12 staff supporting a multi-million dollar revenue stream with clients like Qantas, William Hill, Ordermentum and many others.


Pinion was the first company I founded. It pioneered a unique form of in-game advertising and partnered with Valve, running official servers for CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.

We raised $2M in funding, including an investment from Microsoft's Bing Fund. In 2014 I exited the company after completing a sale to Rahul Sood, who left his role as the head of Microsoft Ventures to incorporate Pinion into Unikrn.

Open Source

I've written lots of open source software over the years and I'm always writing more. Have a wander through my github profile to get a feel for it.

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