Case Study:

SafetyCulture Public Library

My team was engaged to build the SafetyCulture Public Library. I led the technical side of the requirements gathering process with a view to meeting user needs. I architected the solution to ensure it would dovetail with SafetyCulture’s existing infrastructure. I led and managed the implementation team, working within the Agile methodology to refine and reimagine the plan along the way, to hit a successful outcome. I also participated in the team as a developer in order to ensure I understood the project from the coalface.

The product takes a feed of template data from a CouchBase database and streams it into an ElasticSearch cluster, transforming it in-flight to meet the indexing requirements of the ES endpoint. This was not possible with Logstash or CouchBase modules and required a custom microservice.

The product also handles the display of the categories and audit templates. SEO was a key concern in the front end of this build.

My team developed the product and then handed it back to SafetyCulture to maintain and run. This end goal was a key consideration during the build to ensure that we built a solution that would be easy to integrate into their existing stack and for their engineers to maintain.


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